We sit down with you to define the objectives of your campaigns and how we can structure our video production and photography services to achieve them. Whether it’s to increase sales of certain product, increase revenue margins of a service offering, or simply to create awareness. This is where we capitalise on your brand story and tell it in a way that resonates with your audience.

With over seven years of experience in the film industry, our team facilitates the complete video production process from pre to post. We begin by storyboarding each scene, planning out compositions and key elements that support the campaign’s objectives. Using cinema grade cameras and studio equipment, we capture high quality footage of your brand’s offerings. Our editing team collaborates with colourists and sound designers to bring all elements of the production to life, ready for delivery.

Campaign | Documentary | Interview | Music Video | Product Video | Short Story | Walkthrough

Our photography team are experts across all industries. Whether we’re shooting in the studio or exterior environment, we ensure your brand is captured in the best light. We compose the set, shoot from the best angles, our editing team retouches and makes adjustments ready for delivery.

Architectural | Commercial | E-commerce | Fashion | Lifestyle | Travel | Wedding